'Don't be a sucker Campaign' CO-coordinator - Byron Bay

My name is Lauriane.

I was based in Scotland over the past 5 years, living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Edinburgh. I truly loved my life over there, I was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and amazing people. But the time had come for me to change horizon, to be more aligned with my personal goals and expectations from life. Although I am immensely grateful for the great professional experiences and managerial positions I have been able to grab on my way, I was missing a sense of purpose. I needed to find a company where business can also rhyme with focusing on preserving our beautiful planet. So one morning I gave my resignation notice to my boss  who was surprisingly quite understanding and supportive and I left all I had in Europe to travel down South.

In January last year, I flew over to Auckland for a year of Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand and this whole year has opened my eye to a sense of deep purpose! I started learning about Sustainability and the importance of acting as one, always choosing consciously what is best for the environment, connecting ideas & creativity to help serving good causes. From working in a Farm, learning permaculture, pet-sitting alpacas and goats, managing a hostel or woofing in an Eco-Lodge lost in the bush, all those adventures really shaped my journey in New Zealand and will always remain significantly impacting experiences!

Freshly arrived in Australia with a year Visa and passionate about the oceans, the wildlife and our Planet as a whole, I am determined to give the best of myself to help switching mentalities as regards plastic and single use items! I am curious, passionate about nature and happily fed by connections with people. Our amazing Earth needs us more than ever before and I know it may sound difficult to believe that we can make a change, but being reluctant never helped growing stronger ! Working as a collective of enthusiastic and optimistic people will help us convince the most reluctant ones if we only remember to have faith in what we fight for.