Global program coordinator - india

Krishna is a local of Vizhinjam. Having grown up in difficult conditions, he became a student at Sebastian Indian Social Projects, graduating school and going on to obtain a degree in Aviation Maintenance Engineering. Krishna has since worked in various roles related to renewable energy and waste management.

Given the enormous concerns with ocean and community health, Krishna is excited to be a part of the PCFML team in India to make a difference for the sea and his friends and family who rely upon it for survival. "With the increased use of plastic and human influence marine debris has become a big issue. Waterborne plastic poses a serious threat to fish, seabirds, marine reptiles and other marine life", Krishna explained.

He wants to see that new technology and management is implemented across coastal areas in the region addressing pressing issues like waste management and poor fishing practices. As our Local Coordinator, Krishna hopes to work with the government, fishing community and businesses to create long-term positive change for his community and other villages in the area.