Co-Founder & CEO

Karl has had a passion for the natural world since a very young age. Having traveled extensively in his youth, he developed an interest in people, cultures and the connection that we have with our surroundings. After leaving high school Karl lived and worked on a number of islands in the Great Barrier Reef, where his intrigue for marine ecosystems was furthered, eventually leading to completion of a degree in Marine Science and Management.

Karl's travels have led him to work with a number of environment, sustainable development and human rights non-profit organisations and research institutions in Australia and internationally. Karl founded Positive Change for Marine Life in 2012, whilst working in Japan examining alternatives to unsustainable marine industries, as well as the potential development of low-impact marine tourism. He has also presented at various conferences including the Rio+20 (Brazil), The Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World (Japan) and the 6th World Youth Conference (Brazil), in which he was chosen as one of two delegates representing Australia.

In 2014, Karl circumnavigated the globe on-board the Peace Boat, presenting on marine science, sustainability and conservation topics to over 500 people on the ship as well as in over 20 countries. He was also the International Journalist for the voyage, documenting social and environmental projects both on board and in the countries visited over the course of the 4 month journey.

Karl's main interest is in the co-existence of nature and human development, with a focus on the potential for grassroots education, training and sustainable industries to maximise conservation outcomes, whilst providing a greater standard of living for communities who rely on the ocean for survival.

Outside of Positive Change for Marine Life, Karl enjoys surfing, camping, diving, kayaking, photography, film, and drawing.