Film maker / editor

Jo has always had an affinity for the ocean, despite growing up in Bathurst, country NSW. After snorkeling in the Galapagos she knew that staying at the surface wouldn’t suffice, and so she completed her scuba-diving certificate.

As a diver she became aware of the oceans’ fragility and the challenges it faces. This led her to volunteer in Indonesia on a reef restoration program, where she became hooked. For the next three years Jo worked as a dive instructor, and in her spare time drew upon her university degree in Media Production to create short marine conservation videos and a documentary about a local shark-finning fishery.

Combining her passion for marine conservation and film, Jo spent a year in Mozambique volunteering as a media guru for a manta ray and whale shark research center. After five years abroad, Jo returned to Australia and is currently working on the Great Barrier Reef. She joins PCFML as our film maker / editor and looks forward to telling the Oceans’ stories to educate, raise awareness and inspire others to do their bit to protect the marine life that is so vital to the health of our planet.