After years of baby steps towards reducing plastic in my life, I realised bigger steps needed to be taken in order to see changes in my neighbor hood and the wider community. My passion for a minimal waste lifestyle comes from travelling and seeing the detrimental effect rubbish, plastic and waste is having all around the world. I strive to live a plastic and chemical free life whilst continuing to educate myself and whoever will listen on all matters surrounding living a more natural, environmentally friendly and plant based lifestyle.
I grew up in New Zealand and moved to Australia when I was 21. I worked for an eco tourism company in the Whitsunday islands where my eyes were opened to the direct effect human actions were having on marine life. After traveling around Asia and Europe, I moved to Byron Bay and began a more conscious and minimalistic approach to life. Living in the Northern Rivers lead me to discovering Permaculture and organic growing, and now I work full time as a gardener specialising in food, native species, bees and chickens. I view every day as an adventure and an opportunity to learn, educate and help the world one small step at a time.