Fundraising coordinator - byron bay

Jamie (James) was raised in the southern coast of Spain where the mediterranean sea meets the atlantic ocean. Having held an enormous interest in the workings of nature and a passion for surfing since a young age, he went on to study a bachelors in Ocean Science at Plymouth (UK) and a masters in Biodiversity in Madrid (Spain).

Jamie Ogilvie
Marine Conservation Education Programs

He has never stopped pursuing his passions for surfing and science and has worked with the Mexican government to enhance the efficiency of its Sea Turtle conservation program as well as investigated the noxious effects of river mouth closures on wildlife and water quality in Spain. With a passion for nature and the ocean, he firmly believes in pushing for 'Positive Change' and reaching a point where human well-being doesn't equate to nature's suffering but to the thriving of its ecosystems instead.

Jamie is Positive Change for Marine Life's Byron-based Fundraising Coordinator, as well as a contributor to our blogs and local projects.

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