Social Media Assistant

Growing up as a swimmer I love being surrounded by water, especially in the ocean. This appreciation has been largely due to growing up on the West Coast in Perth with the most amazing beaches and being able to travel down the coast. I feel very much at home when I am in the ocean and I’m constantly intrigued by the wonders it has to offer and the endless mysteries that we have yet to discover.

From a young age, I’ve been passionate and concerned about protecting our environment and for this reason I decided to study Environmental Science and Management on the Gold Coast, which I started in 2016. Over the past year my love and passion for the ocean has grown and I am seeking to further specialise in the marine industry especially after recently taking a job as a crew member for snorkelling and marine tours. I’m very keen and excited to be a part of Positive Change for Marine Life and to assist in conserving and protecting the ocean that I love.