Originally from Brazil, Gabriel realised how important it was to contribute somehow to our society while he was studying his international relations bachelor degree. Having researched a number of international conferences, which brought to light environmental issues and effects to society, and the life that sustains our plant, he decided that he would start his journey into this field.

After he graduated, he specialized in environmental management and worked for a number of environmental consulting and civil construction companies. His work focused on projects related to reducing the environmental impacts during construction processes, which involved environmental impact assessments, development and implementation of environmental plans, field monitoring and environmental education programs.

In 2016 Gabriel arrived in Australia to study English, residing on the Gold Coast. Living closer to the beach then he ever had before, gave him a new insight on the sea. Surfing and ocean related activities further sparked his interest in anthropogenic impacts on the ocean. Positive Change for Marine Life presented Gabriel with a great opportunity to connect his passion for the environment with his new hobby, and he has now joined our Gold Coast team as a Marine Debris Project Officer to contribute his time and energy into mitigating the impact that marine debris is having on ocean ecosystems.