Global program coordinator - india

I was born in California, US and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, I grew up in between these two cities that hold a special connection with the ocean. When I turned 13 we moved to a town about 200km away from the beach, I knew that was not my place and I had to go back. I then realized the strong connection I had with the ocean and that was where my passion was, I just wasn't sure how to make it a living out of it. It took me a while and a couple of stumbles to figure it out, but eventually it clicked, so I moved back to Baja California where I obtained my degree in Oceanography, which ignited a great interest in marine resource management and sustainable fisheries.

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After graduation, I moved to San Diego, CA where I worked for a non-profit in a project dedicated to marine finfish repopulation through aquaculture, which is part of the Ocean Re-enhancement Program. At the same time, I worked for different Mexican consultant agencies, designed and developed field sampling projects and volunteered in Mexico, USA, Costa Rica and Nicaragua for different organizations dedicated to promoting marine and land conservation, environmental education, and women and youth empowerment.

While living, working, and volunteering in developing countries and throughout coastal regions, I realized the disconnection there is between economic growth, social well- being and environmental health. This was a true calling for me and I realized that in order to create a long lasting positive change for the environment, it is fundamental to have the community involved in the decision making process as well as in the implementation of any given plan.

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Why did you get involved in the Global Ambassador Adventure?

A year ago, I decided to quit my job, leave my home and travel the world in order to immerse myself in different cultures while looking to find inspiration. I really wanted to figure out how to merge marine science, conservation, and sustainability with the needs and expectations of local communities in developing countries. After extensive travels, I moved to Australia drawn by its natural beauty, its relationship with the environment, and its involvement with Asian countries in the protection and proper management of our oceans and natural resources. Being involved with PCFML and taking part as a Global Ambassador gave me the opportunity to finally link my two greatest passions, ocean health and community wellbeing, while working hands on in creating long-term change toward a more sustainable future in a vulnerable region such as Kovalam & Vizhinjam.

What made you take on a role as one of our Global Program Coordinators?

Through utilising my background in science and implementing different techniques that I have learned around the world, I hope to bring my expertise to our inaugural Global Program in India. There is so much potential in the region that we are focusing on in India and through direct, grassroots programs I'm aiming for our work to have a positive impact on conservation and assure the effective implementation of our Marine Conservation Masterplan. This will allow us to make informed decisions on the proper management of local industries that rely on the ocean, and to create measurable, long-lasting results that can mitigate environmental degradation, whilst promoting a better quality of life for the regions people and future generations.