Global program coordinator - india

Daniel was born in Sydney, but spent most of his early life in central New South Wales. Eventually escaping the land-lock, Adelaide became his home around the start of high school and he's been there ever since. Not wanting to commit to study until certain of the pathway, Daniel spent some time working around casual jobs for a few years after high school, trying to figure out exactly what he wanted from the future. Having a long-standing love of the ocean and a belief that everyone should try to make positive changes for the planet lead him to study a Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) with Honours in Environmental Science and Ecology.

Daniel took a few months to travel in South East Asia at the end of his studies, spending a large portion of that time in or by the ocean. Seeing such stunningly beautiful areas of ocean which are facing destruction from solely human influences was a frustrating and saddening experience, but only served to add fuel to an already existing fire.

After searching for job or internship opportunities while traveling, Daniel eventually took up an internship with a marine conservation NGO in Greece. Here, he conducted research but also gained experience as to the workings of a non-government organisation, a field that had always seemed enticing due to its potential for driving meaningful change. Following on from this internship, Daniel continued his search for further opportunities before finding Positive Change for Marine Life. Daniel is extremely excited for the opportunity to help out on the ground with PCFML's Indian Conservation Masterplan in Kovalam, and hopes to help shape a better and more sustainable future there.