team support

Growing up on the water’s edge, surrounded by the sea and national parks of New Zealand’s South Island, has meant the ocean, lakes and rivers have always been an important part of my life. From the age of two, when my parents had to put me in a harness on our yacht to prevent me from taking another leap overboard, I’ve never been far from water’s nurturing embrace.

Whether surfing, swimming, snorkelling, freediving, fishing or sailing, or merely ocean-gazing on Tallow Beach with my morning coffee, I’m never far from the ocean.

My ever-developing awareness of the worsening health of the world’s oceans has prompted me to be involved with PCFML for much of the time since its inception several years ago. Fulfilling various roles with the organisation in this time, I see its principal philosophy of working in a positive manner with communities to address issues at the local level, as absolutely essential.

Currently fulfilling the role of Team Support, I’m always up for a chat about anything related to the environment, whether aquatic or terrestrial, and our place in and interactions with it.