Co-coordinator - GOLD COAST

Growing up, Christelle always enjoyed being in the outdoors finding herself camping, fishing or enjoying the beach. It wasn’t until she snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef at a young age that her passion for the marine environment was triggered.

Christelle has graduated from a Bachelor of Science (Hons) majoring in Marine Conservation Ecology from The University of Queensland in 2015. After graduating, Christelle travelled around Europe and moved to the French Alps, taking her out of her usual ocean surrounds and thrown into the deep snow. Whilst there, it was noticeable that even high in the mountains the effects of human impact and environmental change was not only prominent, but also inescapable. This made her realise that people’s attitude towards the environment needed urgent change.

Coming from a culturally diverse background, Christelle has always been intrigued by different people and cultures. Merging this with her passion for the marine environment and building on her interest in the human-ocean dynamic, Christelle completed a Graduate Certificate in Social Change and Development from The University of Newcastle in 2018. This allowed her to further understand human relationships with their environment from a social science perspective, understanding different cultural views and the potential strength and impact that grassroots movements can have in creating positive change.

Christelle has a strong passion for finding a balance between ocean use and reliance, through sustainable development, and believes that raising awareness through communication and education is a crucial aspect in protecting and conserving the marine environment.