Chris grew up on the coast of Aotearoa, New Zealand. From the age of two, when his parents had to put him in a harness whilst sailing on the Hauraki Gulf due to his tendency to jump overboard, he hasn't been able to keep himself out of mother ocean's embrace. A keen surfer, swimmer, fisher, free-diver and ocean-gazer, Chris brings an all-round passion for the ocean to Positive Change for Marine Life.

Chris' concern about the human impacts on the marine environment has prompted him to make changes in his own way of living, and to encourage like change in others. With an academic background in politics and environmental management, Chris has come to believe that real change will only happen from the ground-up when individuals and communities take ownership of environmental problems and set about solving them. Chris contributes to Positive Change for Marine Life through research and blog writing, as well as offering a hand whenever able to any of the diverse projects underway.