Our Gold Sponsors are our major partners who drive our work. Through their valuable contributions and support we are able to run our projects and ensure success! Please support our Gold Sponsors through visiting their website, frequenting their business(es) and following them on social media.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics believes in making products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. They are animal and planet friendly and 100% vegan.

Lush have supported our work numerous times - from sponsoring our shark awareness projects along the Great Barrier Reef to kick-starting our Marine Conservation Masterplan in India.


Our Silver Sponsors fund specific projects and initiatives and have enabled us to expand our work and resource our campaigns. Through their support we have been able to launch new programs, and/or fund the continuation or expansion of existing ones. Please support our Silver Sponsors through visiting their website, frequenting their business(es) and following them on social media.

Keep NSW Beautiful (KNSWB) is the state’s premier organisation for litter reduction and environmental sustainability. Through our core programs we work with a vast number of passionate stakeholders across NSW to educate, motivate and reward communities who create a sustainable and more beautiful environment.

KNSWB supported us through a grant for our Honour the Ocean project in Byron Bay. The funds from the grant lead to reduced litter, cigarette butt awareness programs and a partnership between multiple businesses and organisations to address marine debris and pollution at its source!


Southern Cross Credit Union was formed from humble beginnings to meet the financial needs of Tweed Valley banana growers in 1966, they have expanded to become a multi-million dollar business providing financial services to customers right across the Far North Coast of New South Wales and around Australia.

Southern Cross Credit Union support PCFML through their referral program for personal and home loans. We support them because they don't invest heavily in unethical businesses like the bigger banks do! If you're after a home or personal loan get in touch with SCCU and mention PCFML. By doing so, they'll help us to fund some of our vital projects and campaigns in northern NSW and beyond!


It can be difficult for a small business to find the reuse, recycling and waste services they need. Many don’t have the time or the experience in finding these types of services. So the Waste Warriors project has been set up to make the job that much easier. Waste Warriors is a free service for businesses in the Northern Rivers region, and is made possible by the support of our local councils and the NSW EPA.

Waste Warriors are working with Positive Change for Marine Life across the Byron Shire, providing small grants and raising awareness to our work, whilst also partnering with us on our Don't Be A Sucker Campaign!


Our Bronze Sponsors are our ongoing supporters who have been with us over the long-haul. Generally small, independent businesses, they have consistently supported us through funding events, supporting our raffles and giveaways, sponsoring our school programs, and/or promoting our work throughout their businesses! Please support our Bronze Sponsors through visiting their website, frequenting their business(es) and following them on social media.

Byron Fresh is focused on fresh ingredients and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Superfoods, free-range, organic and local produce are used where possible. We believe that a healthy diet means also eating the right amount of food at the right time.

Byron Fresh chooses to support PCFML with all of their staff rocking out in our organic, fair-trade tees and assisting with our local campaigns, especially our Don't Be A Sucker initiative, where we are working with the cafe to become single-use free! We appreciate Byron Fresh's ongoing support to give back to the ocean, which is at the heart of the Byron community.


Based in Stanwell Park in NSW, at Coal Coast Organics you can shop with peace of mind, knowing that the products you are buying are safe for you and your family to use every day. Coal Coast Organics was born from the desires of founder, Elyse Comerford, to create a shop where her customers could choose products without having to read and research every label, and be able to trust that the products have all been carefully selected based on being low-tox, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, fair-trade, and effective. 

Coal Coast Organics have been supporting us through running community events, including film screenings, yoga sessions and food sharing evenings to raise funds for our vital work in Australia and abroad.


Owned and operated by Byron Bay Surf Life Saving Club stalwart , Kurt Tutt, Go Sea Kayaks are a team are highly trained surf lifesavers and local watermen and women. They run kayak tours in Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads.

Learn about local history and indigenous culture as the team lead you around Australia’s most easterly point. Go Sea Kayaks offer a range of tours and deals suitable for a variety of ages and fitness levels. Fun and safety are always their main priorities in ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

Go Sea have been supporting us since we first started out in Byron Bay in 2012 through free tours and raffle prizes, collaborations, event sponsorship and partnering with us on a number of corporate, school and community projects.


Samantha by the Sea is a small gemstone and jewellery business who supports us through the sale of their beautiful waves ring. Each piece is handmade using 100% recycled sterling silver and each gemstone is infused with Master level Reiki energy. All jewels are created with love & intention in our home workshop, by the Sea, in beautiful Byron Bay.

Samantha By The Sea has been created for the wanderers and the dreamers. For those who care passionately and feel deeply.

We hope you can join them and #wanderinblue.


Tentsile Australia produce the world's most innovative Tree Tents. They were conceived as treehouses that you can take anywhere! Separated from wet, lumpy, bumpy, uneven ground and with increased protection from snakes, bugs and other creepies, their range offers the opportunity to camp in places no one has ever camped before.

Tentsile Australia supports PCFML through weekly donations to support our campaigns. They practice what they preach and we love their products, ethics and ability to connect us back with nature. Check them out! #tentsile #wildcamping


Two in the Sun create sustainable, ethical jewellery in the Margaret River, Western Australia. All designs are made in Australia using natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials.

If you're looking for that perfect piece of hand-made jewellery that doesn't cost the earth look no further than Two in the Sun!

Two in the Sun are continuing supporters of PCFML and help us a great deal with our projects around the world.


Oceanarc is a professional design practice located in Byron Bay. They love our environment, respect our heritage and value their community - so much so that they came on board as sponsors of PCFML in mid-2018.

Promoting architecture that engages, sustains and enriches life, we are proud to be partnering with Oceanarc to promote a vision of a new world in which sustainability is incorporated into every aspect of our lives.

The ocean is our metaphor, one of immersion, flow, vitality and mystery - please support OceanArc by checking them out here.


Rocking a vintage surf vibe, Woody’s is the Byron Bay bar with the best nightlife. Featuring live music, dedicated dancefloor, Kombi-style booths, outdoor patio, foosball and billiards. Woody’s is open 8pm until 3am Monday to Saturday nights, with happy hour drink specials every night from 8-9pm.

Woody's are a proud supporter of Positive Change for Marine Life and were the first business to go single-use plastic free as part of our Don't Be A Sucker Campaign!


Our partners collaborate towards long-term outcomes for people and planet. We combine our complimentary skills and resources to achieve shared goals.

Sebastian Indian Social Projects (S.I.S.P.) is a non-profit organization working in the coastal region of Thiruvananthapuram, the capitial of India's south-western state of Kerala.

S.I.S.P. was founded by two Belgians, Paul Van Gelder and Werner Fynaerts in 1996. They strive to accelerate social and economic change in a rural context by collaborating with local community members to build a better society where all people have easy access to education, health care, and employment opportunities.

S.I.S.P. has an explicit commitment to remain disassociated from any religious activity and to work both for and all side the poorest among all communities. The staff members and beneficiaries of S.I.S.P. belong to all the different communities in the area.

We are so excited to have SISP on board as our first Global Partner in India as part of our Marine Conservation Masterplan for the region.


The Kovalam Surf Club is located in Kovalam, Kerala, India and was founded in 2005 as a part of the bigger NGO SISP. SISP is active in the area since 1996 and tries to improve the harsh living conditions of the poorest by offering them free education, medical care, food support, old age care, micro credit unions, literacy classes, training and work in handicraft units.

he idea behind the Kovalam Surf Club was to get the children of SISP off the streets outside of the school hours and to act as an extra motivation to keep these kids going to school on a regular basis. The main rule to participate in the surf classes is:  "No school - No surfing!"

We are so honoured to be partnering with Kovalam Surf Club and SISP to address the incredible environmental issues facing the ocean and the local community in the region as part of our Marine Conservation Masterplan.


Yoga For Nature is a community led approach to preserve humanity and the natural world.

Whether it’s our wildlife, marine life or human life, the interconnected nature of our planet calls for a ‘connected’ community to protect it and we believe Yoga is key to Earths survival.

With the support of the global Yoga community Yoga For Nature donation classes empower them to advocate for the environment and human rights. In the spirit of Yoga, their stories celebrate life and inspire yogis to co-create peace with people and nature.

Yoga for Nature are a partner of PCFML and will be traveling to India over the coming years to produce a professional documentary on our Marine Conservation Masterplan in Kovalam and Vizhinjam in Kerala.

Would you like to assist us make this dream a reality and become a long-term partner for our work in India? You can become a Yoga for Nature supporting yoga studio here.

Want to support the work we do? Why not become a partner or sponsor here?