Driving the long-term marine future of Kovalam...

Our Global Ambassador Adventure will implement a long-term Marine Conservation Strategic Masterplan (to then be carried out by two full-time interns on the ground in India) focusing on key areas and outcomes with the support of our fantastic partner Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP)!

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What are our focus areas?

Research, planning and work undertaken during our Ambassador Adventure will be based around:

  • Waste Management - including identification of litter and marine debris 'hotspots'; mitigation of untreated sewage outflow; education and implementation of alternatives to direct dumping of waste and plastics on land and into the ocean; assessment of what recycling & composting programs would look like and how to implement them; identification of past and existing programs and stakeholders and how we can form alliances to pool our resources and make us more effective in achieving long-term sustainable waste management in the region.
  • Eco-tourism - including assessment of the current ecotourism industry and assistance (if and where needed) in improving operations; enhancing operator reach/marketing as well as environmental programs and mitigation of ecosystem impact/footprint; identification of opportunities within eco-tourism based upon a minimal-impact model as an alternative to unsustainable/harmful marine industries and as an opportunity for local employment.
  • Fisheries Management - including stakeholder engagement and surveying; fisheries assessment (including materials and methods used, range covered, species type and size harvested, recording of catch, historic catch levels and time, length and location based assessments).
  • Education Programs - based upon our 3 key focus areas to inform long-term change and work with the community toward implementing the Masterplan over time. Education programs will not only be theoretically based, but will also include hands-on implementation, including setting up of waste management facilities, beach surveys, GPS and mapping of fisheries, reef surveys, etc.

We will be interacting and working alongside the local community in all aspects of this project to drive change in these areas, which will ultimately benefit ocean conservation as well as the local community.

What will the marine conservation masterplan look like?

The masterplan is set to identify and address these key issues affecting marine health within the region and will include a one and three-year plan to drive conservation outcomes, as well as social opportunities through SISP. Post Adventure we will be hiring two full-time interns to lead the project on the ground in Kovalam and will host subsequent annual Ambassador Adventures and Professional Exchange trips bringing and sharing international and local ideas, knowledge and strategic direction to the Masterplan as it unfolds. 


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