Byron bay | Honour the ocean beach SURVEY PROJECT OFFICER

Maddy's main driver is marine conservation and pursuing her career with a focus on protecting Australia's biodiversity, with a particular focus on climate change. Australia's marine environments are some of the most pristine on earth, however they are also under immense pressure from human impacts. Ocean acidification, rising sea temperatures, marine debris and over-fishing are all taking their toll and that's why Maddy is passionate about making positive change.

Maddy has been living in the Northern Rivers for 10 years now, and the region has shaped her, especially through the stunning and diverse abundance of nature that inspires her growing connection with land and water. She is currently studyinga double degree in environmental and marine science and management and believe's that merging science with grassroots action is one of the most effective ways of tackling issues that affect the marine environment and the wider community.

Maddy began working with Positive Change for Marine Life at the beginning of 2016 at one of the Honour the Ocean campaign marine debris survey coordinators, conducting beach clean-ups every fortnight at Main Beach in Byron Bay to remove marine debris, connect with the community and dispose of what's collected appropriately. She is inspired to see members of the community, whether locals or visitors, who consistently volunteer their time to lend a hand to help out and believe's that it is difficult to create positive change without aligning with the communities values and interests. Through education and respect Maddy hopes to continue creating change for years to come and is excited to be following her passion to become a marine scientist and conservationist.